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Sector-based Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) collaborate and coordinate with each other via the National Council of ISACs (NCI). Formed in 2003, the NCI today comprises 26 organizations designated by their sectors as their information sharing and operational arms.


The NCI is a true cross-sector partnership, providing a forum for sharing cyber and physical threats and mitigation strategies among ISACs and with government and private sector partners during both steady-state conditions and incidents requiring cross-sector response. Sharing and coordination is accomplished through daily and weekly calls between ISAC operations centers, daily reports, requests-for-information, monthly meetings, exercises, and other activities as situations require. The NCI also organizes its own drills and exercises and participates in national exercises.


The Council and individual members collaborate with agencies of the federal government, fusion centers, the State and Local Tribal Territorial Government Coordinating Council (SLTTGCC), the Regional Consortium Coordinating Council (RCCC), the Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security (PCIS) – the Cross-Sector Council, and international partners.


The Council welcomes membership from organizations that have been designated by their sector leadership as their official forum for sharing threat information. Critical Infrastructure sectors and subsectors that have not yet established a method for sharing across their sectors are encouraged to contact the NCI to discuss how they can collaborate with the Council and participate in its activities.


Denise Anderson, Chair
President, Health ISAC
Joshua Poster, Vice Chair
Program Operations Manager,
Automotive ISAC

Joseph R. Viens, Secretary

Sr. Director, Government Affairs Charter Communications

Vice Chair, Communications ISAC

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