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National Council of ISACs Welcomes the Auto-ISAC to Its Membership

Washington, D.C. – The National Council of ISACs welcomes its newest member: the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC).

The Auto-ISAC is a non-profit information sharing organization that is owned and operated by automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Founded by a global group of automakers in 2015, the Auto-ISAC is the central hub for coordination and communication around industry-wide sharing cyber threats and vulnerabilities to the connected vehicle.

According to Tom Stricker, the Auto-ISAC’s chairman, 98 percent of vehicles on the road in the United States are represented by member companies in the ISAC.

Established by the nation’s critical infrastructure sectors, ranging from airlines to water utilities, ISACs support a majority of U.S. private critical infrastructure with threat information and analysis, mitigation resources and other services. Many ISACs also support sectors in other countries.

“NCI is excited to have the Auto-ISAC as a member, and we look forward to its representatives participating in NCI’s cross-sector information sharing activities,” said NCI Chair Denise Anderson. “The automakers and the other sectors have much to offer each other in terms of threat information and analysis.”

With the Auto-ISAC, the NCI has 23 members. The role of the NCI in national security is one of coordination and communication across critical infrastructure sectors. The NCI serves as a forum for sharing physical and cyber threat and response information across sectors and as a gateway for federal agencies and other partners to reach the ISAC community. The NCI also has an operational role following incidents of national significance.

For more information on NCI and its member ISACs, visit

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