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Not-So-Bold Predictions: ISACs Continue Close Collaboration in 2019…

As leaders look to what to expect in 2019, there are hopes that the critical infrastructure community will more fully embrace cross-sector coordination. That’s an idea the NCI has been championing for fifteen years, and an area of emphasis that will continue in 2019 and beyond.


Too many cookies, another Detroit Lions loss, and a slew of predictions for next year… it must be that wonderful time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s! From what will be trending to what the big headlines will be, as many experts (and everyone else with a Twitter account) take time and share reflections on the year that was, many will share their insights into what to expect next year – and that is certainly true for security as well...

Read the rest of Andy's insightful post about cross-sector collaboration and the role of the National Council of ISACs.

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