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Cybersecurity is a Shared Responsibility

Check out this great post by Peder Jungck on the value of ISACs. Jungck is president of the IT-ISAC and the vice president / general manager of intelligence solutions at BAE Systems, Inc.

Here are some key excerpts:

Although the U.S. government has a stake in the security of these critical infrastructures, most are owned or operated by private industry. This dichotomy—how to secure nationally critical assets and functions that are owned by the private sector—has been a key policy challenge for more than two decades.

The ISAC model, which has grown and matured over the past 20 years, has been an instrumental part of advancing cybersecurity not just within the U.S., but around the world.

The ISACs provide a force-multiplying effect that enables companies to do more collectively than they are able to individually.

The ability to have a single point of outreach to each critical infrastructure community is an important tool for national cyber incident response.

As we wrap up National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I urge all organizations to reassess their cyber responsibilities and consider if they could benefit by being a member of the ISAC community as cybersecurity is a shared responsibility.

Read the full article at:

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